From Our Valued Customers:

I received my bamboo sheets today, they feel wonderful, they’ve been through the wash and I’ve just fitted them on the bed. The fitted sheet is fantastic, best fitting I’ve ever come across.
Jessie, Qld

My sheets have been received and feel very luxurious. Thanking you very much.
Lesley T, NSW

Sheets arrived today – my birthday – Thanks Bec for your most prompt and efficient service.
Sally L, NSW

I received my sheets today, despite giving you the wrong address! They feel amazing!! Can’t wait to use them, thank you.
Victoria F, WA

The bamboo sheets are gorgeous and fit beautifully on the extra thick base mattress.
Vera G, WA

Thank you so much for your personal attention to my order. Your customer service was beyond amazing. The sheets were even better than your site even led me to believe them to be, so much so that I can’t wait to order another set.
Kath, Qld

I recently bought king sized bamboo sheets from you and love them. And thank you for getting back to me with washing instructions. I am so looking forward to sleeping in them.
Loris K, Qld

Thank you – I love shopping with you guys…always nice quick delivery!
Janice L, NSW

When a mate told me about bamboo sheets, I wasn’t convinced that they were as good as he said. He insisted that I buy some from Bamboo Sheets Australia and he was right. They are light, soft and cool.
Phil R, NSW

Thank you so much, we have been enjoying 2 sets of bamboo sheets and can’t live without a set. They are sooooo cuddly and comfy.
June D, VIC

They are beautiful! Very happy and we had a good night’s sleep with our bamboo sheets and the bamboo pillows. I’ll be ordering some for my son for Christmas and more for me later.
Kay, NSW

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