While some may stick to their traditional cotton sheets, many people have made the switch to bamboo sheets for their many benefits. However, some speculation has circulated concerning whether or not bamboo-cotton hybrid sheets are as soft as pure bamboo. The evidence is conclusive, and the answer is clear; bamboo-cotton is not as soft as going with pure bamboo. The simple truth is that the addition of cotton fibres to bamboo takes away from the advances people receive from their usual pure sheets, including their feel, resilience and absorbency. These three qualities are of many reasons that one made the choice to switch from cotton to bamboo initially.

Bamboo sheets’ cloud-like, soft feel comes naturally from the fibres of the plant which provides that luxury feel that can only come from pure bamboo fabric sheets. Most 100% pure bamboo sheets have an average 300-400 thread count, but the naturally soft fibres make for a soft material. However, if blended with cotton of the same thread count, one will find themselves disappointed with the results, as a 300 to 400 count cotton sheet is not considered the highest quality in the market. When making a side by side comparison of the two, you simply cannot mimic the feel of pure bamboo, an organically soft and gentle material.

Bamboo is three times as absorbent as cotton, able to hold up to 300 times in weight in moisture. For those living in a hotter climate, or simply don’t want to use their air conditioning during summer, bamboo offers absorbency for comfort that cotton fabric simply cannot. When it is blended into bamboo, one loses most of their absorbency.

Pure bamboo is often compared to silk or even cashmere because of its luxurious comfort. While some higher thread count cottons can feel soft to the touch, there is simply no comparison for the feel of bamboo fabric against your skin. A blended mixture of luxurious bamboo with any thread count cotton will take away from that usual light, smooth feel and leave one desiring pure bamboo instead.

Finally, bamboo sheets are more resilient than their cotton competitors, and continue to provide that desired feeling of silkiness as long as proper care is taken. The blending of cotton will result in sheets that do not last nearly as long, costing one not only money but comfort in the meantime.

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