Bamboo fabric is such a resilient fabric that obviously makes wonderful sheet sets. You have just received your brand new sheet set. You unpack them and feel them lovingly – perhaps even snuggle into them a little, and you are dying to sleep on them tonight. But how do you care for your new bamboo fabric sheets?

Can I Machine Wash Bamboo Fabric?

Absolutely. Machine washing is perfect for your new sheets. No hand washing these babies. If you really love your new bamboo sheets, it is better for bamboo fabric to be washed on a gentle cycle. It isn’t necessary, but it will help them last just a little longer. You might as well look after your latest investment.

Do I Wash Bamboo Fabric in Hot or Cold Water?

Bamboo sheets wash up best in cold water. Hot water may cause your bamboo sheets to shrink a little, so it is best practice to avoid it. However, if you do like a little heat in your wash, lukewarm water will be fine – never warm or hot. Just remember though, cold water is best for your sheets, and won’t cost you as much in energy because you don’t need to heat up water just to do your washing. So it is a bonus to your pocket and a bonus to the environment by using cold water.

Which Laundry Product is Best for Bamboo Fabric?

It is really important that you avoid laundry products with bleach, optical brighteners or fabric softener. These products will start to break down the composition of the fabric meaning that your sheets won’t last as long as they should. Earth’s Choice is my favourite product to use because it is readily available, inexpensive and fantastic for your new sheets because it doesn’t contain any of those nasty chemicals. But any of these brands will clean your sheets nice and gently.

How to Care for Bamboo Fabric

How Should I Dry Bamboo Sheets?

Mother nature is Queen when it comes to drying your new sheets. Just pop them on the clothes line on a sunny warm day. Do put them out early though, bamboo fabric does take a long time to dry.

Can I Tumble Dry Bamboo Sheets?

You can tumble dry your new sheets, but on the lowest temperature setting. This will help reduce any shrinkage that dryers cause. What I do is put my sheets out on the clothes line, then if they aren’t quite dry, I finish them on low in the dryer. That way you aren’t putting excess stress on the fabric structure.

Do I need to Iron Bamboo Sheets?

It isn’t necessary to iron your sheets. Besides, who has time for that? If I want my bed to look super pretty, I just iron the pillowcases. Just keep your iron on the low steam setting. Again, avoiding putting too much heat into the bamboo fabric.

So, that is it. Pretty simple. All you need to do is treat your new sheets gently and they will look after you with years of blissful sleep.

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