Bamboo Sheets - Care Information
Bamboo sheets - Care Information

Can I Machine Wash Bamboo Sheets?

Absolutely. Machine washing is perfect for your new sheets. No hand washing these babies. If you really love your new bamboo sheets, it is better for bamboo fabric to be washed on a gentle cycle. It isn’t necessary, but it will help them last just a little longer.

Bamboo sheets wash up best in cold water. Hot water may cause your bamboo sheets to shrink a little, so it is best practice to avoid it. However, if you do like a little heat in your wash, lukewarm water will be fine. Just remember though, cold water is best for your sheets.

How Should I Dry Bamboo Sheets?

Mother nature is Queen when it comes to drying your new sheets. Just pop them on the clothes line on a sunny warm day. Do put them out early though, bamboo fabric does take longer to dry.

Can I Tumble Dry Bamboo Sheets?

You can tumble dry your new sheets, but on the lowest temperature setting. This will help reduce any shrinkage that dryers cause.

What laundry detergent can I use?

Use gentle detergents with a neutral PH. Liquid detergent is best to equally distribute throughout the entirety of the sheets. Avoid using brighteners, bleach or fabric softener. Fabric softener is not necessary with our sheets as they are already super soft and will continue to stay that way, wash after wash.

How do I remove stains from my bamboo sheets? 

Please avoid bleach at all costs. Our bamboo fibre is very delicate and bleach can eat a hole in your sheets. So what can you do? Try a mild, eco-friendly pre-soak and stain remover for removing light stains.

If you use a stain remover, we suggest doing a test on the bamboo fabric bag your bedding comes in to make sure the product doesn’t damage the fabric.