Benefits of Bamboo Sheets
Benefits of bamboo sheets
Saves On Water


Making a set of Bamboo Sheets uses approximately 11,473 litres of water less than making a set of traditional cotton sheets.

Bamboo Sheets Are Super Soft


 When looking for new bedding, your priority should be ultimate comfort. Recent advances in manufacturing have made it possible to convert strong bamboos into a super soft and comfy fabrics. The premium bamboo viscose can often be compared to the plushness of exquisite silk! A 300 thread count Bamboo Sheet is roughly equivalent to a 1000 thread count cotton sheet, and much more durable.

And your Bamboo Sheets won’t loose their softness over time!

Thermoregulating Icon


Cosy up in winter and keep cool in summer. Bamboo fibre wicks away moisture from the body, keeping you cool in summer and warm in the winter.

Bamboo is good for your body and health


The fabric in our products is designed with high-quality bamboo viscose which is effortlessly hypoallergenic and anti-microbial. We do not involve harmful chemical additives in our production process. The incredible non-absorbent qualities of bamboo sheets prevent the absorption of oils, dirt or moisture that harbour harmful fungus, dust mites or bacteria and cause severe allergies.

Cool Sheets Icon


Bamboo sheets come with millions of micro gaps in the fibres making it more breathable than even the finest of the cotton sheets.

Helping the world


With our incredible products, comes our plastic free, eco-friendly and highly sustainable packaging. Each bamboo sheet is carefully packed in renewable and reusable bamboo fabric bag. While our bamboo bedding guarantees you a comfortable sleep at night, our reusable packaging helps remove plastic bags harmful to our environment.