Are you looking to purchase a new set of sheets for your bed? Want to find a high quality sheet set that won’t become threadbare in a year or two? Do want luxury and softness without the high price tag? Organic bamboo bed sheets are the answer.

Bamboo sheets are produced from incredibly sustainable bamboo grass. Bamboo is the tallest, and most resilient grasses in the world. Bamboo sheets are not only eco-friendly, but a superior healthy choice in bed linen.

Advantages of Organic Bamboo Bed Sheets

If bamboo sheets went head to head against conventional cotton bed sheets in an showdown of performance, bamboo sheets would come out ahead in every way. Here is why:

Exceptionally Absorbent: Bamboo sheets can soak up moisture at a rate of 300% of their own weight. This makes them three times more absorbent than regular cotton sheets.

Moisture Wicking Properties: Bamboo fabric wicks away moisture from your skin. This means that you can sleep far more comfortably. Even on a hot summer night, you can sleep far more comfortably without the misery of sweating when you are trying to sleep.

Thermoregulation of Temperature: Organic Bamboo Bed Sheets have the ability to thermo regulate body temperature. This is due to the structure of the bamboo fiber. The bamboo filaments are filled with micro sized gaps and holes, which allows the fabric to breathe and regulate body temperature. These tiny gaps in the fibre allow for ventilation on a hot night when you are sleeping under a sheet. On winter nights, these same keep gaps keep the warm air between you and the blanket, ensuring a warm, comfortable sleep.

Tough and Resilient: Although cotton sheets will last if well taken care of, cotton is not as resilient as bamboo sheets. Organic bamboo bed sheets are tough yet soft, and will last you for years and years if you follow our bamboo sheets washing instructions. Because you are purchasing such a durable fabric that lasts for so long, fewer natural resources are used to make bamboo sheets. This is good for your wallet and for our earth.

Elasticity: Have you have ever had issues with your sheets fitting your mattress after a few washes because they have shrunk? Struggling to get the fitted sheet onto the mattress only to discover they have flicked off the corners a couple of days later. It is incredibly frustrating. With bamboo sheets, this is rarely a problem because bamboo fibre has more elasticity than cotton.

Biodegradability: Bamboo sheets are biodegradable which is great for mother nature. The fabric breaks down quickly and naturally, and without chemical residue.

As you can see, there are many advantages to owning organic bamboo bed sheets. In short, they are healthier for you and your family, and healthier for the environment.