Choosing plastic free packaging  for our store was a top priority for the team here at Bamboo Sheets Australia. Plastic packaging, one of the biggest pollutants in our refuse centres, can be easily avoided by individuals. We think it is really important to do our part to keep Australia clean and beautiful.

Plastic packaging is very chemical intensive. It isn’t exactly the most eco friendly product in the world, and there are certainly no major organic elements to plastic production. Once the end consumer disposes of them, the plastic sheet packages just end up in landfill. It might be cheap, but frankly we are willing to pay a few dollars more to find something more in line with the ecological nature of bamboo sheets.

So it was one of our highest considerations when looking at choosing just the right supplier. Not only did they have to supply high quality, accredited bamboo sheets and bamboo products, but it was vital that our shipments come in recyclable cardboard boxes, and without the common plastic packing.

So how did we achieve plastic free packaging?

Well, it wasn’t that easy. There were few bamboo sheet suppliers that were able to accommodate our requests to be totally eco friendly. It was proving so difficult, that we even looked into the idea of  packaging our sheets in an extra pillowcase.

Finally though, after hundreds of emails, we found a supplier who could not only provide the right quality of certified organic bamboo sheets, but understood how important it was to avoid the plastic covering. They were able to supply our sheets in beautiful little drawstring bags made of bamboo fabric.

And so, we have our cute little 100% bamboo fabric drawstring bags. Just like bamboo fabric, they are fully biodegradable. No more nasty plastic packaging.