Bamboo bed linen is one of the most delightful fibres to sleep on. It is super soft, never scratchy and will give you the best sleep ever. It is hard to go back to any other fibre once you have tried bamboo sheets. We offer bamboo bed sheets in queen size and also king size, with other sizes being considered for addition later.

You can view our full range of bamboo bed linen here:

Bamboo Bed Linen Queen Size

Bamboo Bed Linen King Size

Bed Linen Australia Bamboo Sheets


Your bamboo sheets come in natural, ecologically sound packaging. We use 100% bamboo bags on our sheet sets. They can be reused around the home, or will naturally break down in the environment. Some of our customers have used them for shopping bags, mini pillow cases, library bags for the kids and even to keep vegetables in whilst in the fridge.

We think bamboo bed linen is all about putting a little luxury into your life. We spend so much time in bed and deserve to be comfortable. You might have a fantastic mattress, but if you are sleeping on horrible, scratchy sheets, you are not in for a good night’s sleep. With bamboo sheets, you can enjoy a luxurious night of sleep without the high price tags. Why spend $300 on Egyptian cotton sheets, when bamboo sheets are ultimately softer and more beautiful to sleep on. Once you have slept on bamboo, you will never go back to any other type of fabric on your bed.