Bamboo textiles are the new standard in the Australian market. The high quality of bamboo fabric lends itself brilliantly to making luxurious home wares. With the ability to weave bamboo into blankets, towels, clothing, socks and bamboo sheets to name a few, bamboo textiles are incredibly versatile.

Bamboo textiles are created using bamboo in a very clean, environmentally friendly process. The fibre is so supple due to bamboo’s long staple length. Staple length is the length of the actual finished fibre. Bamboo staple is a lot longer than cotton and silk giving it a unique softness. Even with a smaller thread count such as 300, the feel of the fabric is equivalent of 1000 thread count cotton.

Some other benefits of bamboo textiles include its moisture wicking properties. This is very important when it comes to bamboo clothing, bamboo sheets and bamboo towels. The ability of bamboo fibre to pull moisture away from the body, means it is a comfortable fabric to have close to your body. When it comes to bamboo sheets, you will have a much more relaxed sleep – especially in the hotter months. Imagine a bed sheet that magically pulls sweat away from your body while you are sleeping. And it is a natural, intrinsic part of the fibre that lasts, not an added chemical to provide a short term benefit.

Bamboo textiles are also organically antibacterial. This is due to an inherent part of bamboo fibre called bamboo kun. Bamboo kun provides a defence against bugs, fungus and bacterial in the original bamboo plant. It helps provide the plant with a supreme ability to survive and thrive. Even when bamboo textiles are processed, this antimicrobial asset stays within the fibre. It is then available in bamboo sheets and towels, bamboo clothing and bamboo socks keeping you healthier. In fact, bamboo has been praised for being very gentle on skin, helping people with skin conditions to reduce suffering. This comes back to the long, smooth staple length. The staple doesn’t have the barbs and hooks that are contained in cotton sheets and other textiles, and therefore offers a smoother touch against irritated skin.

In short, bamboo textiles are quickly becoming the new generation of Australian fabric.