Did you ever consider using bamboo bed sheets and linens before today? Now that you have decided to do so, you must know that you have made a smart choice, and the world class organic bamboo linens that you purchase from our store is free of all of the chemicals which you have been using while using cotton linens. Bamboo linens have more than one reason to be special, and some of the reasons are as follows.

Chemical Free And Yet Soft

They are not made by bleaching with harsh chemicals or dyes, and not washed in factory process with chemicals, and hence they are 100 percent natural, and chemical free, which can act as abrasives and irritants to sensitive skin at times. The bamboo fibres have a soft and silky touch which makes them feel comfortable.

With every wash you will get them to be more softer and softer which is not the case when you use cotton sheets, Cotton often loses its softness and silky texture when washed repeatedly when you are using it for daily uses. But Bamboo sheets on the other hand offer this advantage of not being coarse and granular with repeated washes, and hence they are highly favoured as soft fabric.

They Are Heat Resistant And Hence Keeps You Cool

One great advantage of the bamboo fabrics and thus the bamboo made bed sheets, are the thermostatic capability. This keeps the sheets cool in summer and warm in winter, making them far more comfortable on the skin than cotton.

If you are a night sweater, and sweat often when you are asleep, then the bamboo made linens are the perfect choice for you, as they are the perfect material to absorb water when you are sweating. The sheets can keep you dry throughout and also keeps the body cool in case you get hot while in bed.

Economically And Ecologically Great

There are many more advantages of getting bamboo sheets, which you would acknowledge. They are economical and ecologically great. The reason is bamboo is easily grown anywhere and at any season. They do not need special aids, care and special sprays, fertilizers or insecticides etc. They are self sufficient, and grow in bushes giving you a lot of material to make sheets. The bamboo sheets are completely recyclable too. Isn’t it amazing! Bamboo bed sheets which are completely recyclable making them ecologically just perfect.

Look at their prices, and it will amaze you even more. You had been paying high prices for the cotton sheets ever since, and till fate did any of your highest quality cotton sheets persevere the washings and repeated laundering them over time? If not, then the answer to this is the bamboo sheets. They are highly usable and beat the hardest of washings if you take the slightest care of washing them in cold water and line drying them. They can last many, many year, and would give you the highest level of comfort throughout this time.


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