Looking for premium quality bed sheets for your bedroom? Then you’ll love our range of bamboo sheets. We use the finest quality bamboo fabric available to craft your new sheets. Our tailors are meticulous to ensure our bamboo bed linen is the highest quality in Australia. And they’re available to you delivered to your door for free. 

We use only high quality 100% bamboo fabric sourced from sustainable forests. The result is long lasting, durable and organic fabric. You’ll be so comfortable sleeping under our exceptional bed sheets.

There are many products in the market today that claim to be high-quality bamboo bed linen. But in reality, many blend it with cotton or use inferior bamboo fibre. They sell sheets that are cheap quality and less environmentally sustainable.

Here at Bamboo Sheets Australia, we’ve tested dozens of suppliers and fabrics. It’s taken us years to find the perfect product for our customers. We considered the Australian climate and tested them thoroughly. From the humidity of Asia to the cold climate of Europe and New Zealand, our sheets have passed with flying colours. We make every bed sheet with 100% bamboo threads using a twill weave for softness and durability. This weave structure makes the sheet soft, lustrous and silky smooth. 

Bamboo sheets have a unique advantage over other bed linen. They enhance the quality of your sleep. Our soft bed sheets feel like silk under your skin without being slippery. 

Speaking of skin, since bamboo fibre is so smooth, it minimises skin irritation. They are also antibacterial and wick moisture away from your body as you sleep. No other bed linen out there gives you endless hours of quality sleep like our sheets do! 

Because they’re so smooth, there’s no irritating noise like cotton sheets. Once you’ve slept under bamboo, a night in a hotel’s starchy sheets will have you waking up with every toss and turn. Unless of course, you find a small property offering our gorgeous bamboo sheets. 

Bamboo sheets are so lavish more boutique B&Bs and hotels are adding them to their customer experience. Luxurious, indulgent and soft, bamboo gives guests a refined sleeping experience. They wake up recharged, refreshed and delighted with their choice of the hotel. We all know these hotels want nothing but the best for their customers. Bamboo bed linen gives that opulent experience.

We’re not only known for our high-quality bed sheets but also for our great customer service. We provide free delivery on all orders and guarantee our products. So let go of your old bed linen and gift yourself hours of refined sleep. You can enjoy a dreamy slumber night after night. Buy yours by clicking here.