If you are wondering what the difference is between bamboo sateen sheets and bamboo twill weave sheets, then let us explain.

The structural difference is obviously in the weave. A twill weave is more like the weave on a pair of jeans – it is a tight, short and very fine. Close up, the bamboo sheets twill weave is very easy to see. Bamboo sateen sheets are woven differently. The weave is a longer, more satin style – yet they aren’t slippery. This means that more of the soft bamboo fibre is felt in every thread. As a result, bamboo sateen sheets are about 3 times softer than their twill weave counterpart.

So are Sateen Sheets or Twill Weave Bamboo Sheets Best?

The answer is, it depends.

Twill weave bamboo sheets with their tighter fabric properties are soft and strong because of the shortness of the thread within the weave.

Many retailers sell sateen weave bamboo that pills very softly (you can see it, but you can’t really feel it). The reason for this is, just like satin, it is easier for a thread to catch or rub against something – namely our body in bed. Our sateen range however, has been specially woven using single insertion weave specifically to avoid any problems with pilling.

Which Bamboo Sheet Weave Should I Choose?

Here at Bamboo Sheets Australia, most of our bamboo sheets are twill weave as this tends to be the most popular. We do stock a small range of bamboo sateen sheets because a lot of people just adore the way they feel against their skin. As the business owner, I prefer sateen sheets. I can’t get past their super soft feeling.

So in the end, it really comes down to individual preference about your bamboo sheets.

King Size Bamboo Sheets

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Queen Size Bamboo Sheets

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