If you are wondering what the difference is between bamboo sateen sheets and bamboo twill weave sheets, then let us explain.

The Difference Between The Two?

The Difference Between Sateen Weave and Twill Weave: Sateen weave is characterized by a smooth, silky surface with a lustrous sheen. It’s woven in a way that places more threads on the surface, creating a luxurious feel. In contrast, twill weave produces a diagonal rib pattern on the fabric. It’s durable and often has a softer, matte finish compared to sateen.

Why Sateen Sheets is Best?

Why We Stock 400TC Sateen Weave: We choose to stock 400TC (thread count) sateen weave sheets because they offer the perfect balance of comfort and durability. The higher thread count enhances the softness and smoothness of the sheets, while the sateen weave contributes to their luxurious feel and elegant appearance. Our customers appreciate the combination of quality craftsmanship and affordable luxury that these sheets provide.

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