bamboo throw rugs brown

With winter in full swing, everyone is trying to get cozy and warm at the moment. The cold snaps have been crazy across Australia. If you are feeling the chill, you will love our incredibly soft, 100% bamboo throw rugs.

Our bamboo throws come in a wide range of colours and are perfect for snuggling on the lounge, keeping you toasty as you read a book in bed, or for wearing out and about. When taking your bamboo blanket out and about, simply add a pretty clasp to keep it nice and secure across your shoulders. That way you can keep your hands free while you are shopping, drinking coffee or going about your day.

These throw rugs are made from delicate, soft, 100% bamboo fibre. They feel like your coziest slippers, only look far more stylish when you are out on the town. At 127cm x 152cm, you will be well covered and warm through the coldest of winter days. Your freezing shoulders and chest will warm up very quickly under the supple warm bamboo fabric.

Another advantage of this size is you can use your throw as an extra layer in bed. It is large enough to cover your coldest parts, enveloping you in a warm embrace throughout the night.

We have a huge range of colours in stock right now, so don’t waste any more of your day being cold, when you can be super snuggly and happy under your new bamboo throw rug. Order yours here for our super-fast delivery.