The best place to be when you are tired and need rest, to soothe your body and mind, is a bed. The minute you lie down on your favourite bed, you forget all the stress and strain of the day and wander away in a peaceful dreamworld.

There are many brands of bed linen trying to woo the customers with exquisite and luxurious collections. However, the buyers are more alert now and knowledgeable too. When you go out for shopping, one feels that there has to be value for money. The product that is available in the market should fulfill basic requirements of the buyer, that of quality and comfort. Bamboo Sheets Australia has a good stock of bed linen to suit every need. Bamboo bed sheets are available in different types of thread counts, anywhere from 200 to 400. This is because bamboo is a completely different fibre to cotton and doesn’t require the same thread count to achieve strength or softness.

Thread count for sheets decides the type of weave as well as feel of the fabric. Twill weave bamboo sheets have a close knit weave and that makes the sheets soft. In twill weave, shorter strands of fibre are used giving a soft feel alongside a strong weave. Twill is not quite as luxurious as sateen weave. Sateen weave is a result of smooth, longer strands of bamboo fibres woven to exhibit a super soft and cozy bed sheet.

Ideal thread count for comfort use sheets may vary from 200-400. That means each square inch of the fabric has either 100 horizontal as well as vertical strands woven or 200 strands as in the case of 400 thread count. The higher the thread count, the softer and smoother is the sheet. The weave gets automatically denser and that renders the sheet extra warmth and coziness. Hence, bamboo sheets with a thread count of 300 and above are suitable for colder regions.

To protect and care for your sheets, care should be taken while laundering. Wash the sheets in cold water and avoid hot drying. Bamboo being a natural fibre has a tendency to shrink when subjected to high heat. Cotton as well as any natural fibre pills on harsh washing and hot temperature contact. Regular use of strong detergents can cause pilled sheets. Bamboo sheets don’t become uncomfortable when they lose the smooth texture, but pilled sheets aren’t pretty.

Bamboo sheets have an upper hand over the traditional cotton sheets since they are totally natural and organic. The process has no additions of any synthetic fibres and thus the sheets are comfortable, cozy and safe for the family. The bamboo sheets are breathable and have an antibacterial property, so there is no threat of skin allergies or rashes of any sort.
Bamboo Sheets Australia offer bed sheets in double, queen and king size. They may vary in weave – either twill weave or sateen finish. The sheets come in soothing colours and the set includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and 2 pillow cases.

Sleep is the most essential activity in our life as it supports healthy growth of body and mind. Thus, it is imperative that each person gets his or her proper quota of rest and slumber. So why not indulge yourself and buy this extra cozy and comfortable bamboo bed sheet for a good night’s sleep?