While furnishing a home, people concentrate more on living room, kitchen, bedroom etc in order of preference. However, they fail to realise that bedroom is in fact the most important part of the house because that is the place where we rest and relax. That is the place for perfect rejuvenation; therefore it is imperative that one should select the bed linen wisely. Good bed linen ensures a comfortable and peaceful sleep at night, which is vital for a person’s well being. For a cosy and smooth feel against the skin while sleeping, people opt for either cotton or satin sheets. But the current trend is “go green and organic”. Thus more and more people are consciously making a healthier choice by purchasing bamboo sheets.  This is wise choice no doubt. However, the best choice is buying high thread count bamboo sheets.

When we go out to buy sheets, we just experience the feel of the material. Soft, smooth and luxurious feel is always desirable. But do we know what accounts for the texture and sheen of the fabric? It is better to be educated in this aspect so that we can make proper purchase and be a confident buyer. Thread count indicates the horizontal and vertical fibres woven in a square inch of a fabric. When the thread count is more, it implies that the fabric has a close weave with maximum number of strands. This makes the fabric softer, tougher and longer lasting. In case of bamboo, since the fibre is long, the fabric thus obtained has sateen sheen. Normal luxury brand bamboo sheets have a thread count of approximately 300. Nevertheless, super soft and cosy high thread count bamboo sheets have up to 400 thread count.

Cotton bed linen is popular as they can be obtained in wide range of thread count and thus are suitable for every budget corresponding to the quality of fabric. However, bamboo sheets may seem pricey but they are longer lasting and truly luxurious. Bamboo sheets thread count is way superior than cotton one due to the strength and silky smooth softness. In comparison, a 300 thread count bamboo sheet is almost equivalent to 1000 thread count cotton sheet. So it is clear that even bamboo sheets with thread count of 300 are super soft, smooth and comfortable.

Bamboo sheets are natural and organic. They have dual properties. The highly breathable fabric is ideal to use in summer as it absorbs moisture from body and keeps you cool. Similarly, the thickness of the close weave sheet enables snugly warm feeling. Bamboo sheets thread count not only contributes to the quality of the sheet but also its durability and comfort. These sheets are available in two types of weaves – bamboo sateen sheet and twill weave sheet. Most common is the twill weave type which is made up of shorter fibres. However, sateen sheets have longer bamboo fibres that give it an extra soft feel and smoothness. Both types of sheets are excellent to use and if proper washing and cleaning care is observed, they sure last long giving you a peaceful sleep night after night.

Now the next time you go on a shopping spree to buy bed linen, you know exactly what to look for to give total comfort and a good sleep. You can buy your bamboo bed linen here: https://bamboosheetsaustralia.com.au/shop/