Luxury Bed Linen

Bamboo sheets have redefined the meaning of luxury bed linen in Australia. Bamboo sheets are the epitome of luxury bed linen providing you with a feeling of extravagance, without the associated price tag. The suppleness of bamboo sheets beats the softness of the best Egyptian cotton sheets hands down. This is because of bamboo fibre’s long staple length. Being a natural, low processed, naturally organic, bamboo sheets are the most natural sheets among the different sheet fabric types. Bamboo bed sheets are as healthy for you as they are for the environment.

The innate qualities of bamboo fabric are well known around the globe. Bamboo has organic antibacterial properties making it resistant to fungus, bacteria, and mould, as well as providing a hostile environment to dust mites and bed bugs.

Bamboo Sheets are Luxury Bed Linen

One of the major advantages of bamboo sheets in comparison to other sheeting fabrics, is bamboo fabrics temperature regulation abilities. Because of this, bamboo sheets give you a supremely comfortable sleep, especially in the hot summer months. In winter, the weave of the fabric helps to maintain a comfortable, warm sleeping temperature. Yet is still isn’t hot in summer.

Bamboo sheets has a natural, moisture wicking quality that provides superior comfort during times of sleep. Expensive cotton sheets absorb 2-3 times less moisture than bamboo sheets do. This amazing absorption ability of bamboo sheets is well documented by scientists. It is also one of the reasons bamboo is such a popular choice with consumers as luxury bed linen.

For those people suffering from night sweats and hot flashes when sleeping will really benefit from changing to bamboo sheets. Not only is bamboo fabric moisture wicking, but also antibacterial. This makes it perfect for anyone suffering from these conditions. Regulated temperature equals a far more comfortable sleep.

Bamboo sheets, even in their organic state as a plant, don’t need pesticides or nasty chemicals to be protected naturally from bugs and pathogens. These antimicrobial properties of bamboo sheets, keep you well protected from allergies, bugs and germs. With bamboo fabric, you can have a deliciously healthy sleep.

In conclusion…

The advantages of bamboo sheets for the health of your sleep, are well documented and proven. Well regulated temperature, healthy microbial properties and moisture wicking, bamboo sheets really are the perfect blend of benefits. Plus they are an inexpensive luxury bed linen and delightful to sleep on.