The true signature of a completely eco-friendly focused company is one that even considers how they package their goods! This is exactly what you will encounter when you order any bamboo linen or sheet sets from an international bamboo sheet company.

Plastic packaging is our world’s biggest nemesis a done that could actually easily be avoided if all companies would just take a bit extra time and care in how they package their goods. Plus, the fact that the manufacturing process of plastic packaging is so chemical intensive, it makes for one large negative impact on our already unstable environment. This cheap packaging option comes at a very high cost to our planet and needs to be addressed.

With this in mind Bamboo Sheets Australia have kept with their overall eco-friendly concept (which is not just a clever marketing tactic), and sought out the most environmentally pro-active suppliers that they could find. As a result all of your bamboo linen will arrive at your doorstep in accredited high quality bamboo products and bamboo sheets, but also comes in a beautiful matching bamboo bag that are recyclable and absent of any type of plastic packaging.

Now this may all seem like a fairy tale, but it is achieved on the highest level. At first finding someone who understood the need for the most economical and eco-friendly packaging was a bit difficult which resulted in the bamboo sheets being packaged in a bamboo pillowcase. But eventually, a true eco conscious packaging supplier came to the fore who grasped the no plastic concept.

So as a result, your entire gorgeous luxurious bamboo sheet sets and linen arrives in an ultra cute 100% pure bamboo fabric bag; drawstrings and all! So no more ugly, plastic packaging only a fully biodegradable bag that you probably will never want to throw away anyway!