“You have the softest sheets I have ever slept on!”

My latest guest knew that I have this online bamboo linen store. Yet she wasn’t ready for what awaited her on her bed. I had made up her bed with a set of fresh, white bamboo sheets. I didn’t mention it as we said goodnight after an evening of delicious food, smooth, crisp wine and a conversation only the best girlfriends can have together.

Early the next morning, we met in the kitchen over a warm cup of coffee. “Those sheets on my bed. Are they bamboo linen?” she asked. “They are” I said as I took a sip of my latte. “The fabric is 100% bamboo. Lovely isn’t it?”. She smiled and wrapped her hands around her coffee cup.

BAMBOO PILLOW CASE OLIVEMost people who have never tried bamboo sheets, really have no idea just how amazing they are. Until one tries feeling the textures of fabrics such as cotton and bamboo linen, it is difficult to gauge the difference. Yes this means side by side. Because bamboo fibre is such a smooth thread, it makes super soft sheets. They are light as a feather and so lovely to sleep under.

So if you are considering a new set of sheets for your bed, maybe it is time to take a look at bamboo sheets. Bamboo linen is simply the most divine fabric that can grace a bed.

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