Sultry and sexy, bamboo sheets seriously need to be named the 51st Shade of Grey. If you want something to transform your bedroom for boring to whoa, then this is what you need. Hands down. Christian Grey has it all right. The looks, the mood, the style – and the bed. Or more to the point, what happens in the bed.

Do you think someone with such a legendary reputation for romance would suffer with horrible scratchy bed sheets?

We didn’t think so either.

So what would Christian Grey do? He would buy a set or two of bamboo sheets from Bamboo Sheets Australia to adorn his bed. Only then would his lady be allowed to join him. Once her soft skin touched the bamboo sheets, she would be all his. No willpower. No chance. Just his.

Why does Christian like bamboo sheets so much for his bed? Well any distinguished man knows that women are sensitive to touch. And if they are sensitive to touch, then bamboo sheets are the ultimate. These sheets have a deliciously long smooth fibre that makes brushing against the skin feather light. No catching or dragging, just a smooth, fluid motion as it moves over her.

He knows that she wants something comfortable to sleep under. Something light and delicate, yet comfortable enough for the temperature of the room. She wants to know that this man has exquisite taste in the bedroom. Everything from the mood that is set, the comfort of the mattress, to the delightfully soft bamboo sheets are part of the experience that he has prepared for her. He hasn’t just randomly thrown his bedroom together, he has consciously thought about the feel he wants for his bedroom.

We here at Bamboo Sheets Australia have no doubt that Bamboo Sheets are the 51st Shade of Grey. If you want to get that same feeling on your bed, why not buy a set or two. You won’t regret it for a second.