This study on asthma from the scientists at Newcastle University published in the Newcastle Herald, is a great breakthrough in the prevention for asthma sufferers. It may be possible that bamboo fabric used in our bamboo sheets might just be helpful in assisting asthma sufferers.

Bamboo is an amazing plant, not only because it’s the fastest growing and one of the strongest plants on earth, but also because of the exceptional natural antibacterial qualities that are found in the molecular structure of bamboo. Bamboo fabrics, in particular bamboo sheets (as we spend so much time in bed), have these antibacterial qualities. It is quite possible that bamboo fabric may be effective in reducing the effects of asthma. It’s these antibacterial qualities that have helped bamboo become so incredibly successful in the wild. Bamboo plants have developed amazing natural defenses against bacteria. Most types of bacteria that try to grow on bamboo don’t survive, as a result the plants can thrive naturally without the use of pesticides.

This amazing natural antibacterial quality in bamboo sheets isn’t destroyed during the process of turning bamboo into fabrics.

A study by the CTITC (China Textile Industry Testing Centre) showed that after introducing bacteria to a sample of bamboo fabric, there was a 99.8 percent reduction in bacteria over a 24-hour period. Chinese scientists found that bamboo contains a unique anti-bacteria and the bacteriostasis bio-agent named “bamboo kun”. This natural substance is retained through the process to bamboo fabric, as the bamboo kun is a part of the bamboo cellulose molecule.

Another study by The JTIA (Japan Textile Inspection Association) showed that bamboo fabric could eliminate over 70 percent of different types of introduced bacteria, over a 24-hour period and retained its natural deodorising ability even after being washed fifty times.

Surgical equipment such as bamboo charcoal fibre masks have been produced to help prevent cross infection in sterile environments. Bamboo fabric also resists the growth of yeast and mould cultivation, this prevents the fabric from retaining odours.

No other fabric has this quality. While cotton sheets will eventually show signs of yellowing, the antibacterial matter in bamboo sheets will kill the bacteria in sweat thus ensuring that your sheets retain a clean, crisp appearance. The antibacterial properties of bamboo fibre will also help eliminate odours.

We can recommend anyone suffering from asthma to give bamboo sheets a try.