Bed linen Australia searches indicate that bamboo sheets are now one of the most popular products on the Australian bedding market. Bamboo is an extremely versatile plant. Bamboo is for having the fastest growth rate of any grass on earth. This enables it to be harvested every 3-4 years without having to be replanted. Bamboo also doesn’t require any irrigation to grow so fast. Bamboo truly is a miracle plant.

Whilst there are other plants like organic cotton that can be made into fabrics, bamboo sheets lead this race as it is able to yield ten times the amount of harvests that cotton can. It is also much cheaper to produce than organic cotton. This is due to the fact that organic cotton tends to be very susceptible to disease without chemical pest control. Bamboo plants on the other hand, don’t require pest control as it is naturally resistant to pests. Bamboo plants are incredibly sustainable especially in comparison to cotton. Bamboo sheets are naturally organic and have many health benefits associated with them.

Bamboo sheets are coming up as one of the trendiest items in bed linen Australia today. Organic bamboo bed sheets are the hottest product on the market. Bamboo sheets have a number of unusual qualities which make it one of the most comfortable products you have ever tried using. It is softer than  silk and cotton due to bamboo fibres long staple length. Compared to cotton, bamboo fabric wicks away moisture and has its own organic antimicrobial properties. This means that bamboo is proven to be resilient to bugs, germs and other bacterial organisms.

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Some amazing features about bamboo sheets that allow you to lead a greener way of living

  • Bamboo fabric is naturally thermally regulating. This means in summer it keeps you cool, whereas in winter you are kept toasty and warm
  • Bamboo sheets are highly breathable
  • Bamboo sheets are moisture wicking, meaning an end to waking up hot and sweaty after a summer night in bed
  • Bamboo has natural hypoallergenic characteristics? It prevents allergens from breeding on the sheeting surface.
  • Bamboo sheets are great for those with sensitive skin or for those who suffer skin allergies.
  • Using bamboo sheets products allow you to keep this kind of wonderful planet clean as well as green. How? Unlike crops such as cotton, Bamboo may be grown without the use of detrimental pesticides or fertilizers.
  • Bamboo sheets are highly sustainable and biodegradable. Which means, if they end up in landfill, bamboo fabric will not pollute the earth.
  • Due to a characteristic called bamboo kun, bacteria avoid bamboo fibres leaving you with a clean, naturally antibacterial sleep.
  • Bamboo sheets resist mould and fungus growth due to its microbial properties.
  • Bamboo naturally absorbs five times more greenhouse gasses than a field same size of other plants. Bamboo also produces 35% more oxygen than other plants harvested for sheeting material.

Bamboo sheets really are the most ecologically sound choice of material in bed Linen Australia today. With so many incidental health benefits, coupled with the immeasurable difference in the sustainability of the crop and lack of pesticide use, bamboo sheets really are the fabric of tomorrow. Swapping to bamboo in your bedroom means you are helping to protect the environment for future generations of Australians.