Olive Sheet Set

Here at Bamboo Sheets Australia, we are totally in love with bamboo bed sheets. Who would have thought? At the moment, we have two different types of bamboo sheets available in our store. Our ongoing line is our twill weave collection. Twill weave provides a bamboo bed sheets that wear beautifully, are resistant to pilling and are supremely soft. Our customers adore our twill weave range. We get so many emails letting us know how happy people are with these sheets. Plus they are getting the benefits of bamboo fibre such as bamboo’s antibacterial qualities and moisture absorbency.

The other style of bamboo bed sheets that we currently have in our range is woven in a sateen style. Sateen weave consists of a longer thread length than our sateen weave. Sateen weave is about 20% softer than twill weave bamboo sheets. As a result of the longer thread length of sateen, soft pilling will occur on the fabric. This is because the weave is so much looser than twill which looks more like the weave on a pair of jeans. Over a few washes, the pilling on our sateen bamboo bed sheets reduces to next to nothing. In the meantime, it isn’t uncomfortable at all because it the sheets are so soft. So don’t worry, it isn’t like getting scratched with sand on the beach. Our customers still love the sateen range and continue to come back for more while they are still available.