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Bamboo Fabric Sheets vs Silk Sheets

A quick run down of bamboo sheets compared to silk sheets. Bamboo grows quickly (sometimes up to 2 feet a day). Bamboo is an eco-friendly crop (environmentally friendly from a readily renewable source). Bamboo produces more oxygen than most other trees. Bamboo fabric is generally considered noticeably softer than silk and is often compared to cashmere […]

Investing in Bamboo Sheets

We here at Bamboo Sheets Australia recognise that sheet sets are a major investment in our happy homes and the most important investment of bedroom linen. After all, we are skin to skin with our sheets, night after night, spending a third of our lives with them. We want the best experience possible. There’s something […]

New Bamboo Blanket Range Arriving

The first in our bamboo blanket ranges have just arrived. We are so excited to have just received our first shipment. When the courier arrived this morning, it was like Christmas. We have just purchased four different types of bamboo blankets, and the ones we received today are in a gorgeous herringbone style. Opening them was […]

Magnificent Bamboo Fabric

The magnificence and advantage of bamboo fibre go a long ways past the surface. More reasonably priced than silk, bamboo has a similar feel and is much stronger, alongside having a regular sheen. Not at all like silk, bamboo can undoubtedly be thrown into a washing machine easily, making it much more straightforward to deal […]